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Jewelry Repair
Jewelry Repair Services

Our services include:

Custom Jewelry

Our professional jewelers excel in wax model making, casting and fabrication of jewelry. They also work with bead and prong settings, creating Pave jewelry and bright cutting. While many jewelers have learned the basic techniques of diamond setting, very few have the physical strength to do bright cutting, which is when the jeweler needs to hand carve the metal and set the stones in a particular way. All of their craftsmanship is done in the store, so you can exchange ideas with the person making your dream into a reality. Solid Gold Jewelers is proud to be the only store in Bloomington-Normal that provides this creative service to its customers and we are honored to have such talented jewelers working with us.


Jewelry Cleaning

Bring your jewelry in every six months for a clean and check! Clean and checks are free for small jewelry items, no matter where you purchased them. We’ll make sure your stones are bright and tight!

Jewelry Redesign

The same ring might not cut it for you after a few good years of use. If you’re the type to resonate with the saying, “out with the old, in with the new,” come show us your jewelry! We can find new settings for your stones, put your scrap toward a new piece, and so much more!

Jewelry Repairs

Our in house jewelers will happily take a look at any jewelry items that may need repairs! We cannot provide a jewelry repair estimate over the phone or without the piece of jewelry in front of us. Bring in the jewelry items in question for a free estimate from our jewelers while you browse our wide selection of rings, necklaces, earrings, and more!

Jewelry Memorial

The loss of a loved one is no easy process. Let us help you remember them with a piece of jewelry made special for you. We’ve had customers place dried flowers or sand in our capsule charms, engrave jewelry with special dates and/or words, as well as repurposing inherited jewelry. We’ll be happy to discuss your options with an in-store visit.


Stop in with the items you need appraised anytime during store hours and we will keep them secure in our vault through the appraisal process. Our appraisals are usually ready to be picked up within a week.

Ear Piercings

Our in-house jeweler, Linda Vance, has been piercing ears for almost 40 years. With precision and a dedication to cleanliness, Linda works with each customer to make sure every piercing is safe and satisfactory. Here at Solid Gold Jewelers, we only pierce earlobes and respectfully decline the piercing of anyone under seven years old. Call ahead for prices and availability!

Watch Repairs

We can change the majority of watch batteries within 24 hours here on-site. If additional work is needed to get your watch running properly, we work with highly reputable companies who will provide free estimates when identifying the repairs needed. We also have a large selection of both leather and metal watch bands which we can install and adjust for you as you wait.

Give us a call today at 309-452-1612 and learn more about our services, or stop by our shop to speak with us in person!

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